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Past Keystone Girls State Governors

January 12, 2017

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06/18/2017 City Elections

June 19, 2017


Congratulations to all of our cities for an amazing first day, and to all of our elected city officials! KGS is off to a great start and we can't wait to see what they'll accomplish this week. 


Meet the Mayors of KGS 2017!




Geter City:


Mayor​: Jackie Ziegler

City Business Manager​: Shelby Luther
Councilwomen​: Esmeralda Orndorff, Rhiannon Newcomer, Emily Durila
City Manager​: Rachel Weaver
Custodian of Public Records​: Anna Cowfer

Director of Homeland Security​: Macey Wommer

State Troopers​: Dominique Azzollini., Maddie Faust
President of Chamber of Commerce​: Sabrina Salvatori
Health Commissioner​: Sophia Gonzalez
City Prosecutor​: Chloe Connor
Public Defender​: Bryanna Sharer
Public Relations Director​: Yuna Choi
Magistrate​: Allyson Moyer
Newspaper Re


porter​: Jane Chen

Latshaw City:


Mayor: Kaitlin Heil
City Business Manager: Julia Crumrine
Councilwomen: Rachel Hickock, Mackenzie Doyle, and Rachel Mattson
City Manager: Sophie Moffatt
City Custodian of Records: Katie Weinhardt
Director of Homeland Security: Riley Gobora
Keystone State Troopers: Abigail Albright and Ashley Schaffer
President of Chamber of Commerce: Catherine Belveal
Health Commissioner: Breanna Barrelli
City Prosecutor: Allison Paxton
City Public Defender: Tyler Kahlbaugh
Public Relations Director: Jennifer Myers
City Magistrate: Mary Snyder
Newspaper: Haileigh Fickers


Minnich City:


Mayor: Abby Riemer

City Business Manager: Emily Jewell

City Councilwomen: Brigid Cromwell, Sophie Van Gilder, Rodshanna Cason
City Manager: Julia Kim
City Custodian of Records: Tess Straight
Director of Homeland Security: Mackenzie Greiner
State Troopers: Bailee Seaman, Beth McKeever
President of Chamber of Commerce: Sarah Gabel
Health Commissioner: Vivian Lattanze
City Prosecutor: Tori Csandia
Public Defender: Kate Howarth
Public Relations Director: Lauren Kutch
City Magistrate: Durga Ramachandran
Newspaper Reporter: Ella Schmidt


Coneybeer City:


Mayor: Alana Kochan

City Business Manager: Sarah Richard

City Councilwomen: Kirsten Sandoval, Maria Weimer, Kathryn Lundy

City Manager: Courtney King

Custodian of Records: Madison Janovich

Director of Homeland Security: Anna Price

State Troopers: Hannah Yoder, Anneliese Werner
President of Chamber of Commerce: Maureen Hartwell

Health Commissioner: Jordan Rowland

City Prosecutor: Liz McLaughlin
Public Defender: Cooper Dalmaso
Public Relations Director: Napasorn Lertmeemongkhonchai
City Magistrate: Kaitlyn Currid
Newspaper Reporter: Kiera Segan


Yankovich City:


Mayor: Claire Meakem

City Business Manager: Maddelyn Dudley
City Councilwomen: Niya Ridout, Kareena Gashel, Elizabeth Williams

City Manager: Olivia Lyle
City Custodian of Records: Lauren Klima
Director of Homeland Security: Eleanor Min

State Troopers: Caroline Sheard,Nicole Spohn

President of the Chamber of Commerce: Jillian Bartel
Health Commissioner: Emilee Deleo
City Prosecutor: Gianna Buglieda
City Public Defender: Raegan Davenport
Public Relations Director: Christina Lyons
City Magistrate: Rojina Razlansari
Newspaper Reporter: Elizabeth Sitter

Keener City:


Mayor: Angelina Han
Councilwomen: Cameron Rumsey, Emily Matthews, and Victoria Rojas
Business Manager: Aliza Bodzin
City Custodian of Records: Chayni Carroll
Homeland Security Director: Mia Lauer 
City Manage: Liz Wicks 
City Troopers: Amanda Gerenza and Abby Cermak 
Chamber of Commerce: Rachel Milner
Health Commissioner: Gabby Polanco 
City Prosecutor: Sophia Wang
Public Defender: Sam DiBona
Public Relations Director: Anna Dunbar 
City Magistrate: Margaret Mcllvaine 
Newspaper Reporters: Sophia Wang, Noel Miller, and Katie Wommer

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