06/19/2017 County Elections

Today has been another fun and exciting day at KGS! Today the county's voted to elect county positions. Congratulations for those elected and sworn into office, and we look forward to seeing your progress throughout the week!

Red County:

County Magistrate: Yasmeen Wong

District Attorney: Savanna Urban

County Sheriff: Sabrina Salvatori

County Treasurer: Jorey Wolfe

County Clerk: Kate Polenik

County Commissioner: Bryanna Sharer, Catherine Belveal, Jennifer Myers

White County:

County Magistrate: Durga Ramachandran

District Attorney: Isabella Fisher

County Sheriff: Ashley Tremel

County Treasurer: Alexandra Buckman

County Clerk: Alex Andrick

County Commissioner: Deanna Stolpe, Sarah Gan

Blue County:

County Magistrate: Cristina Lyons

District Attorney: Sophia Wang

County Sheriff: Amanda Gerenza

County Treasurer: Grace Shevchenko

County Clerk: Elizabeth Mele

County Commissioner: Noel Milner, Rachel Miller, and Madison Storman

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