06/21/2017 State Primary Elections

Today has been a busy day for all of our Keystone Girls State Citizens! After having spent the morning at our state capitol, Harrisburg, and meeting their representatives and the governor, Tom Wolf, the citizens came back to Shippensburg University and went right into State Primary Elections! Congratulations to all those representing their party:

Federalists: Governor: Maggie Blundy Lieutenant Governor: Maureen Hartwelt Treasurer: Savannah Buttery Attorney General: Cooper Dalmaso Auditor General: Elizabeth Merle Supreme Court Justices: Sarah Gable Allison Moyer Maddy Faust Sam Dibona Dominique Azzollini Anna Price Margaret McIlvaine Nationalists: Governor: Sophia Wang Lieutenant Governor: Mackenzie Greiner Treasurer: Abby Cermak Attorney General: Liz McLaughlin Auditor General: YuNa Choi Supreme Court Justices: Sophia Gonzalez Jordane Sheldon Nicole Spohn Isabella Fisher Rojina Razlansari Durga Ramachandran Ashley Tremel Rachel Mattson

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