6/17/2018- City Election Results:

Our cities have elected their officers! Congratulations to all that ran- those who won will be sworn in tomorrow morning


Mayor: Melissa Slupe

Manager: Lexie Rayman

Custodian: Anna Weinstein

Councilwomen: Kelly Sassaman, Samantha Ganser

Director of Homeland Security: Jada Landis

State Troopers: Jennifer Donahue, Sydney Altemore

President of Chamber of Commerce: Clark Johnson

Business Manager: Allison Fidler

Health Commissioner: Alina Arechiga

City Prosecutor: Mercedes Sanoja

City Public Defender: Alexia Rayman

Public Relations Director: Lauren Gaetano

City Magistrate: Melissa Kelleher

Newspaper Reporter: Claire Wyszynski


Mayor: Grace Roux

City Councilwomen: Nicole Gordon & Bailey McCormick

City Manager: Rebecca Andrews

City Custodian: Renee Arnold

Director of Homeland Security: Lizzie Maceri

President of Chamber of Commerce: Kaya Rogers

PR Director: Abagail Druttman

City Business Manager: Lexi Scott

Newspaper Reporter: Maddie

Troopers: Jelly Seigworth & Shae Kaiser

Health Commissioner: Katelyn Laskosky

City Prosecutor: Payton Lanahan

Public Defender: Breezy Harris

City Magistrate: Lexi Haynes


Mayor: Prachi Soni

City Manager: Megan Flyte

City Custodian of Records: Molly Anne Lloyd

City Councilwomen: Olivia Hellen, Lauren Slaugenhaupt

Director of Homeland Security: Madigan Roxberry

Keystone State Troopers: Rachel Krier, Megan Sennett

President of the Chamber of Commerce: Aditi Edlabadkar

City Business Manager: Emma Vormschlag

Health Commissioner: Maslyn Behler

City Prosecutor: Audrey Glas

City Public Defender: Nicole Bobovich

Public Relations Director: Taylor Craig

City Magistrate: Anna Ferraro

Newspaper Reporter: Samantha Petzold


Mayor - Jane Fiore

City Public Defender - Saige Stevens

Public Relations Director - Aubree Narus

State Troopers - Jess Stepp, McKena Foor

Business Manager - Lexi Gilchrist

City Magistrate - Carli Little

Health Commissioner - Faith Swarner

Two Councilwomen - Jenna Thomas, Abby Peichel

City Manager - Sam Schulteis

Custodian of Records - Lauren Hoge

City Prosecutor - Chloe Hysore

President of Chamber of Commerce - Kiya Jenkins

Director of Homeland Security - Emma Woerle

Newspaper Reporter: Samantha Petzold


Mayor - Marietta Sisca

City business manager -Libby Gilchrist

President of Chamber of Commerce - Rachel Strode

City manager - Destiny Cerni

City Custodian of Records - Roxanne Kingsley

City Councilwomen (3) - Lynnette Tibbott, Megan Teagarden, Emily Tasker

Director of Homeland Security - Jenna Chirichetti

Keystone State Troopers (2) - Taylor Zimmerman & Anai Walters

Health Commissioner - Gabi Waters

City Prosecutor - Samantha O’Hara

City Public Defender - Lexi Lukaszewski

Public Relations Director - Skylar Bauer

City Magistrate - Sierra Nagy

Newspaper Reporter - Kayla Gaughan


Mayor: Sarah Wood

City Manager: Katie Wickline

City Custodian of Records: Casey Kavanaugh

City Councilwomen (2): Alexandra Ralph, Adriana Oelberg

Director of Homeland Security: Katherine Palumbo

Keystone State Troopers (2): Abigail Daniels, Kendall White

President of Chamber of Commerce: Izabelle Kowenhoven

City Business Manager: Mahek Shah

Health Commissioner: Haley Miller

City Prosecutor: Nastasha James-Weatherbe

City Defender: Madeline Wickel

Public Relations Director: Haley Miller

City Magistrate: Grace Cloonan

Newspaper Reporter: Samantha Phillips

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