County Election Results 2018

WE HAVE ELECTION RESULTS! We were a little behind schedule, but we appreciate everyone for dealing with the suspense. Congratulations to all the elected officials!


County Magistrate: Alexia Rayman

District Attorney: Madi Perry

County Sheriff: Sydney Altemose

County Treasurer: Claire Wyszynski

County Clerk: Clarke Johnson

County Commissioners: Jada Landis, Samantha Ganser, Maddie Lewis


County Magistrate: Audrey Glas

District Attorney: Mackenzie Meagher

County Sheriff: Megan Sennett

County Treasurer: Saige Stevens

County Clerk: Nicole Bobovich

Commissioners: Aubree Narus, Molly Huyhn, Maslyn Behler


County Magistrate: Grace Cloonan

District Attorney: Maddie Wickel

County Sheriff: Abby Daniels

County Treasurer: Jenna Chirichetti

County Clerk: Rachel Strode,

County Commissioners: Lynette Tibbott, Izzy Kowenhoven, Alex Ralph

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