State Party Primaries

Congratulations to everyone that ran in their party primaries! Here are the results:


Governor: Kaya Roger

Lt. Governor: Emma Woerle

Treasurer: Claire Wyszynski

Attorney General: Sydney Altemose

Auditor General: Grace Cloonan

Supreme Court Justices: Alina Arechiga, Abagail Druttman, Chloe Hysore, Melissa Kelleher, Mackenzie Meagher, Samantha O'Hara, Lynnette Tibbott


Governor: Clarke Johnson

Lt. Governor: Abigail Daniels

Treasurer: Saige Stevens

Attorney General: Madeline Wickel

Auditor General: Mercedes Sanoja-Suarez

Supreme Court Justices: Rylee Arenson, Kayla Davidson, Elizabeth Maceri, Sierra Nagy, Aubree Narus, Alexia Rayman, Madigan Roxberry

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