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Past Keystone Girls State Governors

January 12, 2017

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City Election Results 2019

June 26, 2019

  • Hrinya City -

    • Mayor: Maura Campbell

    • City Manager: Jonna Rinehart

    • City Custodian of Records: Alivia Edmonds

    • City Councilwoman: Raquelle Roesch

    • Keystone State Troopers: Shayla Bonzelet, Jocelyn Miller

    • President of the Chamber of Commerce: Olivia Castilla

    • City Business Manager: Jasmine Elsify

    • City Prosecutor: Ivy Snyder

    • City Public Defender: Katie Meeh

    • Social Media Coordinator (2): Kristyn Kleinhenz, Olivia Castilla

    • City Magistrate: Lisa Bakhodirova

    • Newspaper Reporter: Grace Dougherty

    • Director of Homeland Security: Emma Marsden

    • Health Commissioner: Angeline Effinger

  • Peterson City –

    • Mayor: Alexandra Friedlander

    • City Custodian of Records: Isabella Lang

    • City Councilwoman: Lindsey Thompson, Mikayla Tillery

    • Keystone State Troopers: Annabel Anderson, Sierra Belgave

    • President of the Chamber of Commerce: Jessica Ridgeway

    • City Business Manager: Lauren Ceh

    • City Prosecutor: Caitlyn Fay

    • City Public Defender: Caleigh Fink

    • Social Media Coordinator (2): Kellan Ruf, Layla Engle

    • City Magistrate: Natalie Meure

    • Newspaper Reporter: Gabby Krain-Sesson

    • Director of Homeland Security: Annabella Rios

    • Health Commissioner: Amelia Fisher

  • Reinhard City -

    • Mayor: Katelin Schooley

    • City Manager: Alyssa Hurly

    • City Custodian of Records: Juhi Modi

    • City Council Woman: Bridget Ehrig, Bella Hoffman

    • Key Stone State Troopers: Laney Keefer, Kalissa Ruffin

    • President of the Chamber of Commerce: Maddy Girard

    • City Business Manager: Kaila McAllister

    • City Prosecutor: Marissa Gillespie

    • City Public Defender: Meg Ulrich

    • Social Media Coordinator: Anika Sinha, Victoria Fenstermacher

    • City Magistrate: Olivia Zinnen

    • Newspaper Reporter: Alyssa Hurly

    • Director of Homeland Security: Carene Olsson

    • Health Commissioner: Autumn Bond

  • Krumrine City -

    • Mayor: Amber Henry

    • Councilwoman: Miranda Guthrie, Desirae Rowland

    • City Manager: Desirae Rowland

    • Custodian of Records: Samantha Mapps

    • State Troopers: Abbey Glavin, Madison Niebish

    • President of Chamber of Commerce: Anna Iacocca

    • City Business Manager: Amanda Wright

    • City Prosecutor: Lily Wilson

    • City Public Defender: June Park

    • Social Media Coordinator: Elise Chough, Anna Iacocca

    • City Magistrate: Alyssa Hayes

    • Newspaper Reporter: Gwen Strasser

    • Director of Homeland Security: Kyra Watts

    • Health Commissioner: Laura Finnell

  • Heald City:

    • Mayor: Kelsey Riemer

    • City Manager: Hannah Holbert

    • City Custodian of Records: Jillian Maher

    • Councilwoman: Elise Baer, Sam Martin

    • State Troopers: Mackenzie Stout, Glenda Zavala

    • Chamber President: Lucy Winn

    • Business Manager: Abby Martin

    • Prosecutor: Bailey Reilly

    • Public Defender: Danielle Anderson

    • Social Media Coordinators: Grace Ciaccia, Lillian Makhel

    • Magistrate: Caillie Kracht

    • Reporter: Alyssa Irvin

    • Director of Homeland: Regina Yeung

    • Health Commissioner: Mary Huynh

  • Beister City -

    • Mayor: Aiah Aly

    • City Manager: Kaitlin Novak

    • Custodian of Records: Natalie Nicholas

    • City Council Women: Sarah Kimmel, Frances Schoenfeldt

    • State Troopers: Haley Sella, Madison Hornig

    • Chamber of Commerce: Margo Johnson

    • Homeland Security: Madeline Billet

    • Health Commissioner: Lilly Darling

    • City Business Manager: Angela Campbell

    • Prosecutor: Aeryn McClain

    • Social Media Coordinator: Sara Richards

    • Magistrate: McKenna Brophy

    • Newspaper: Ashley Meyner

    • Defender: Kiera Flannigan










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