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Keystone Girls State

Keystone Girls State is Pennsylvania's Girls State program. Keystone Girls State is a competitively designed program to educate Pennsylvania's young women in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of good citizenship. Delegates learn more about City, County, and State government through a week long process, delegates learn more about City, County, and State government. Girls State is inclusive of every rising senior high school girls in Pennsylvania regardless of U.S. citizenship or financial ability. Girls State Citizens are a diverse group of young women who share a common desire to learn and lead. From small towns to urban areas, the delegates’ different backgrounds and experiences add spirit to the program.

The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary founded Girls State in an effort to:

  • educate young women in the duties, privileges and responsibilities of citizenship

  • give future citizens, in a realistic manner, an opportunity to learn the problems of government by performing the same duties as real office holders in the everyday world

  • inform them of the rights and privileges of citizenship

  • instill a deep sense of the personal responsibilities and obligations which this citizenship entails

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